28th Mediterranean Conference
on Control and Automation (MED'2020)

16-18 September, 2020 – Saint-Raphaël, FRANCE

How to attend the conference

MED 2020 is planning for a full online conference hosted through Zoom meetings. To attend a session, access the online conference program at:


from the program, then note the name of the room and the day of the session before accessing the Zoom link. The links to the sessions/meetings are available below.

The proceedings (including author submitted PDF manuscripts as well as pre-recorded presentation videos) are ready. You can access them from the following link:


When prompted for username and password, please use your registration confirmation number (e.g. MED2020XXXX) as username and password to access virtual proceedings. You will also see a link to download a zipped version of the conference content (without presentation videos). You can unzip and access the content by opening the index.html file from the downloaded content in your browser.

Warning: pre-recorded video for paper WeB03.3 (Tracking Output Robust Control of Unmanned Surface Vessel with Disturbance Cancellation and Anti-Windup, Kakanov et al.) is available here.

Final program and book of abstracts can be found here.

Zoom links will be active from 08:30 AM to 18:30 PM continuously, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Please note that all times are local (Saint Raphaël, France) time. The time zone in France is CEST (Central European Summer Time), which corresponds to UTC/GMT +2 hours.

MED 2020 Rooms: Wednesday September 16, 2020
MED 2020 Rooms: Thursday September 17, 2020
MED 2020 Rooms: Friday September 18, 2020

You will be able to switch between sessions as you wish.
We will follow the timing as closely as possible.
IMPORTANT: Virtual attendees must mute their microphone unless they want to speak.

Instructions for Session Chairs and Co-Chairs

Note that the conference time zone is Central European Summer Time (CEST: UTC+2).

Please follow these instructions to help you run the session you are assigned to:

Ahead of time:
  1. Immediately, please connect with your session chair or co-chair (if any) and confirm that you will both be available to run your session and to support each other in this role, in case of technical difficulties for either of you. Please contact MED Organizers (med-2020@univ-lorraine.fr) if you are unable to connect and confirm with your session partner.
  2. On Tuesday September 15, download the video presentations for your session. Both the chair and the co-chair should download all talks to their computer. Each of you should verify that all talks will play on your machine.
  3. Communicate with your session partner on which of you will lead on which talks (e.g. the chair leads on the first three talks, and the co-chair on the final talks).
  4. Familiarize yourself with the Zoom virtual meeting platform. For the best experience, sign up for a Zoom account (www.zoom.com) and practice accessing a meeting, sharing your screen, etc. Note that when you share screen to present a video with sound, you MUST enable the “Share computer sound” feature so the audience can hear the sound. There are two ways to do this:
    1. Select “Share Screen” button from the bottom menu, then when the Share Screen box appears, check the “Share computer sounds” option as shown:
    2. If you are already sharing your screen, expand the “More” features at the bottom-right-hand corner and a tab will expand, then select “Share computer sound” as shown:
On the day of the session:
  1. Access the online conference Zoom links list available above. A few minutes before your session starts, click on the Zoom link corresponding to the day and the room of your session (room name and session date can be found at: https://controls.papercept.net/conferences/conferences/MED20/program/). Note — if you are too early, you may enter the Zoom meeting for a session that has not ended, so please access your session Zoom link at the appropriate time. The chair should share their screen on Zoom. (This person will need to “unshare” to switch to a different moderator.) Note: the conference time zone is Central European Summer Time (CEST: UTC+2).
  2. At the time the session starts, greet the audience, and then introduce the first speaker, as you typically would do as a session chair. Ask the audience to mute their microphones unless they are talking. When sharing your screen to play the video presentation, be sure to check “Share computer sound” when the screen sharing dialogue box appears, otherwise the video plays and the audience does not hear audio. See instructions above on how to do this.
    Start the video and let it play until it finishes. There will be five minutes for questions and discussion, which you can moderate, via the chat and/or with audience members unmuting themselves. When it is time for the next talk to start, end the question period and begin playing the next video.
    (Note: we are going to try to have a volunteer assistant in the Zoom room to help you as well. They will be prepared to step in and take on these duties if you or your partner are unable to do so, but we will rely on you to lead the session.)

Photo credits: Palais des Congrès de Saint-Raphaël